The Project

About COST Action BM1301

Aldosterone is the major hormone regulating blood pressure. Alterations in blood levels of aldosterone and genetic mutations in its receptor, the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) are major causes of hypertension.

Many of the drugs in clinical use and in development target aldosterone and MR actions and are an intense area of research in Europe. There is a scientific and clinical need to better understand the mechanisms of aldosterone secretion and MR activation, and to obtain molecular insights into the pathophysiological roles of MR activation and the clinical situations where aldosterone/MR is pathogenic.

This will lead to the identification of novel molecular targets and open up the range of therapeutic targets and diagnostic tools to identify patients who will benefit from MR antagonism. Finally, this basic and translational oriented research will help to define, design and validate novel MR antagonists with safer clinical properties.