Objectives and benefits


To create an integrated network of excellence and build research capacity through collaboration and knowledge-sharing between experts in multi-disciplinary fields related to aldosterone/mineralocorticoid research for the understanding of the physiopathology of the hormone aldosterone and its receptor MR, the genetics of aldosterone/MR related diseases; the identification of novel clinical indications of MR antagonists; the development of novel diagnostic tools for selecting patients for personalised MR antagonist treatment; and the discovery of novel therapeutic targets related to aldosterone/MR involvement in diseases.


The secondary objectives of the ADMIRE COST Action are to:

  • Intensify the dissemination of updated knowledge and know-how among the partners within the Action, and promote joint publications and grant proposals;
  • Enhance the rigorous training activities (STSM, Schools, Workshops), particularly for PhD students and young researchers;
  • Develop a strategy to build and improve collaborative relationships among the target groups of the Action to interested end-users, particularly focusing on both external and internal communications that disseminate the research results with high potential applicability, and to raise the competitiveness of European industries in this field;
  • Create a dedicated website for effectively reporting the COST Action progress as well as scientific and technical information;
  • Foster coordinated research activities of scientific proposals in the European Research Area;
  • Number of active participants in the COST Action;
  • Number of applications for funding by international collaborative research projects;
  • Number of presentations and publications of collaborative research projects;
  • Number of STSM supported by the Action;
  • Number of training activities and young researchers trained;
  • Number of academic position promotions and other career advances.


ADMIRE will defragment and strengthen European research in the field to re-establish an international leader position. It will provide the scientific community with a well-trained and networked cohort of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) within European and Third countries while the specific attention to a balanced gender approach will help promote and retain talented early stage researchers in the European Research Area. ADMIRE will also have important socio-economic benefits. Globally hypertension is responsible for around 7.5 million premature deaths per year (World Health Organisation). This Action will improve the European health status in hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases by accelerating the transfer of knowledge from a network of scientists and clinicians to patient care, especially in novel clinical domains where efficient treatment is still lacking or poorly efficient. Moreover improved diagnostic tools will help reduce treatment costs and lead to scientific and economic benefits (including health care cost reduction and biotechnology intellectual property rights).