Scientific Programme


This COST Action will enable:

  1. Better understanding of aldosterone biosynthesis in normal and pathological conditions (relation to adrenal tumours, hyperaldosteronism);
  2. Better understanding of the mechanisms of activation of mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) (structure function relationship, post translational modifications, co-regulators)
  3. Increased knowledge of molecular and pathophysiological consequences of MR activation in vivo (novel cellular targets and signalling pathways, new pathophysiological roles)
  4. Definition of clinical situations where MR activation occurs with potential new indications for MR antagonists
  5. Identification and validation of susceptibility markers (genotype) or biological markers of MR activation (biomarkers) in order to better identify/stratify and follow patients treated with MR antagonists.

These goals will be managed by 6 Working Groups (WG).


Each Working Group will decide its priorities, design and define its prior objectives, as well as establish a strategy that splits the work among the WG members. The WG members will present their results at the next Workshop of experts. All the six Working Groups will be responsible for distributing new results, initiatives and guidelines via the Action web-site.

The participants of the COST Action will provide the necessary manpower, laboratory equipment and facilities; they will also perform experiments and apply for research grants to pursue their scientific objectives. The current network comprises 33 laboratories. All research teams are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to achieve their WG goals.

At the initial step, the ADMIRE Action will involve approx.100 professors/senior researchers, 50 post-docs, 100 Ph.D. students, 50 technicians, and a number of Masters and undergraduate students. The number of participating researchers will increase during the course of the Action due to newly joined research groups. Recruitment of new Action participants will be conducted through invitations to Workshops, WG meetings or Training Schools.